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How do you pronounce "Rollator"?

row · luh · tr


100 Laps, LLC. was inspired by the story of 100 year old Captain Moore pushing his rollator around his yard 100 times as told here. For anyone wanting motivation, to get up and out, it’s well worth the read. (That is our same model rollator in the photo with the Queen of England.)

Where most everybody else sees an appliance, we developed our product line for exercise. From the tires up, they are designed and built for distance, performance, and durability. When you join us, you join a team.

Absolutely. Around the track, block or dining table. With the built in sling seat, there is no limit on your workout. Walk, rest, walk, rest, and so on. Around you go.


Yes, every purchase comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked. Upon request, we will email a pre-paid return shipping label to you.

Orders ship the next day by UPS Ground service.

Check your account or email our customer service at [email protected].


After Sale

Yes, with handles to use separately.

Yes, the handles on the tall versions stretch to 40" and 44" on the Varsity Explorer. (As a preliminary test, before ordering, measure your wrist to the floor. )

Like anything on wheels, our products will wear with use. Our rollators are designed for simplicity, with cable, bicycle-like, brakes and replaceable tires. These can be done at home with basic mechanics skills. We have parts.

Yes, all our products are covered by the manufacturer’s 8-year limited warranty, with parts and replacements stocked in the US.

We are working to open retail stores across the country.

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