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photo in black and white with smiling woman wearing a hat Athlete

Betty Reid Soskin, 100 yo going on 101

Betty recently retired as a US National Park Range, moving forward the whole way. No sense holding back now.

photo of Spark AL in grass with tote bag attached General

Tricked out Spark AL

From a customer, complete with cup holder, phone holder and custom tote bag. Ready to move.

photo of Dave with Varsity Explorer on his front porch with binoculars Brand Ambassador

Dave the birder

Equipped with his top of the line binoculars, Dave O on the way to watch some birds, including a hawk known to fly over his …

photo of man using a walking device on large front yard grass Brand Ambassador

Crossing the yard, a big yard

Paul B, in training to circle his yard. It’s big yard.

photo of man outdoors at park Brand Ambassador

Andrew (Drew) Stone

Training for general health (prefers swimming) Sponsored brand ambassador Pushes a Spark CF rollator

photo of family photos on desk Athlete

Marion Thompson,

I’m in training to go to the first wedding of any one of her 9 grandchildren, where ever it might be. Hoping they hurry up. …